Heatlok Spray Foam Reviews from Demilec

The Heatlok Spray Foam reviews from Demilec are a good way to know the general opinion of the customers about the Demilec Heatlok Spray Foam products. Let’s see what the customers have to say.


The first thing that everyone is talking about is the fact that Heatlok Spray Foam is eco-friendly. The fact that is produced by recycling plastic waste and transforming into a polyurethane foam. Many closed cell products are made of chemicals and Heatlok is praised for its ecological benefit. People who are actively involved in contributing to a better environment are enthusiastic about the zero ozone depletion blowing agent that is included in the ingredient along to recycled bottles and renewable soy oil.

But the Heatlok Spray Foam reviews also indicate the fact that Heatlok is very efficient as well. It is particularly useful for basements with a high humidity level. People always experienced troubles with mold before using Heatlok Spray Foam. But after applying it, there was no mold growth anymore. There have been customers who used it after a flood or who experienced a flood after they applied it. Heatlok didn’t get degraded due to the water or humidity and remained intact. This proves that Demilec’s Heatlok is water resistant in any conditions so it’s a great choice if you need insulation for a basement, a wine cellar or even for swimming pools.

The people who are allergic to pollen or dust represent one of the categories that praise Heatlok Spray Foam the most. The product acts as a sealant and it keep out allergens. This is particularly important during the spring when allergies get very bothersome and for people who are allergic to dust but live in polluted areas.

Another thing that is emphasized in the Heatlok Spray Foam reviews is that it helps to lower the monthly energy bill. It insulates so well that the air and vapor barrier is enough for the room or building to feel warmer and more comfortable. The amount of saved money obviously varies from one customer to another as their houses or commercial buildings have different sizes. But on average the consumption is reduced by 30-40%.

Everyone seems to agree that Heatlok Spray Foam from Demilec is very easy to use and it can be applied fast. Some customers go further and say that the insulation was so nice that they were able to diminish the size of the HVAC equipment. Others mention that they applied it to the exterior of buildings and it worked nicely as a water barrier.

Overall, the Heatlok Spray Foam reviews from Demilec point out the fact that Heatlok is the best insulating material available at the moment on the market. The customers seem to be very happy with the results and would recommend it to others as well.


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